Spymasters Surveillance Experience

This is the ultimate team building experience which also gives delegates the opportunity to live the life of a real life undercover operative on a “as real as it gets” surveillance operation!  The experience begins with a briefing from the former head of security service operations in the UK. At the briefing the delegates are given a background of the “target” of the operation, issued with surveillance equipment (covert radios, cameras etc) and introduced to surveillance techniques.  The delegates then head out in their surveillance vehicles driven by a Spymasters in car surveillance trainer to locate the “target” and monitor their activities using both mobile and foot surveillance techniques.

Surveillance Features

  1. Mission Briefing                 
  2. Hi-Tech Surveillance Equipment
  3. Vehicle Surveillance Convoy with in car Surveillance Driver
  4. Roles & Responsibilities in car
  5. Radio Communicator
  6. Log Keeper, Map Reader, Foot Surveillance
  7. Overhear conversations
  8. Record information
  9. Relay info to other team members
  10. De-Brief of Surveillance Mission

Surveillance Benefits

  1. Promotes Team Work/Builds Relationships
  2. Develops Communication Skills
  3. Encourages Listening Skills
  4. Expand Strategic Thinking
  5. Improve Leadership Skills
  6. Integrates Business Objectives and Key Learning’s
  7. Increase Confidence Levels
  8. Think in new and different ways
  9. Situate Delegates out with comfort zones
  10. Increases drive and determination
  11. Listening Skills challenged & enhanced


Spyhunt Experience

Spyhunt is fun, exciting and exhilarating experience where participants form teams and compete against one another and the clock, using props and ‘spy’ equipment to solve clues, crack codes and successfully complete their ‘missions’ (the missions are aligned to the programme content).  The event takes the form of an initial briefing (which ties in key messages / goals) before the spy hunt commences, taking teams all over the venue (outdoor and indoor potentially – weather and venue depending) finding spies and completing espionage tasks tailored to the key messages and learning outcomes of the programme. The event concludes with an event debriefing (where video footage of the teams’ activities is shown), the winning ‘spy’ team is recognised and learning outcomes reinforced.

Spyhunt is a fantastic experience that leaves everyone who participates buzzing. People learn and develop skills, without realising it and whilst having fun!

In detail

The experience begins with a mission briefing from ‘Agent 75’ where each team is issued with a spy briefcase which contains various props and ‘spy’ equipment for their missions.

Each team logs on to a secure website using their unique ‘Mission Access Code’ to discover their mission objectives. When they click to ‘accept their mission’ the clock starts ticking down and they must attend their first location to meet with a spy! Then the heat is on!!

Teams are given everything they need: mission briefing, relevant intelligence, training notes and a spy kit but after that they’re on their own against one another and the clock!

Together they must work to solve solution codes and complete initiative tests in order to successfully complete their mission.

Spyhunt Benefits:

Key skills are developed by participants working against the clock:

  1. Planning Skills Highlighted
  2. Develops Forward Thinking
  3. Connected Thinking
  4. Develops pro-activity & Initiative
  5. Strategic Thinking
  6. Reacting Calmly Under Pressure
  7. Delegation Skills Developed


C.S.I Academy

The teams are scored their ability to carry out the key skills of a competent Crime Scene Investigator. In order to “solve the crime” the teams are involved in informant and suspect interviews, vehicle searches, fingerprinting, gathering information from listening and video devices and planting “bugs” (listening devices). Does your team have what it takes?


  1. Finger Printing                    
  2. Informant/Suspect Interviews
  3. Audio Test                                 
  4. Observation Test     
  5. Vehicle Search                  
  6. Online photographs identification
  7. Time Constraints

C.S.I Academy Benefits